Curriculum Vitae

Bonhoga Group Exhibition - Lipperin - April 2022

Jamieson and Smith Competition Prize - August 2021

Reconsider Wool Exhibition - September 28th 2019 - October 2019

Bonhoga Open Exhibition - September 2019 - November 2019

Wool Week Exhibition Prize - June 2019

20x20 Exhibition - June 2019

Vision 19 Exhibition - June 2019

Whalsay watercolour workshops - July 2018

Aairvhous Cafe Exhibition - June 2018 - July 2018

Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre painting commission - June 2018

Poem “The Artist” published in My Time poetry book - March 2018

Bonhoga Open Exhibition - September 2017- November 2017

‘Recycled’ art project at the Whalsay school - June 2017

Interactive stories map commission for Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre - April 2017

Whalsay Play Park wall panel commission - May 2016

Brae Up Helly Aa 'Bill Head' commission - March 2016

Article ‘Exposed Roots’ in “Shetland Life” magazine – April 2011

Tutor of drawing classes - March - June 2011

Bonhoga Touring exhibition – January 2009 - February 2010

Poem "Da Hill" published in "Bards in the Bog" book - October 2009

Creative Writing 1 and 2 - August 2009

Da Gadderie group exhibition – December 13th 2008- January 3rd 2009

Visual Studies module in Contemporary Textiles degree - 2008

NC Art and Design - 2007

Illustrated Story in "Whalsay Waves" project - August 2004

HND Social Sciences – Aberdeen College - 2001

Da Peerie Shop group Exhibition- September 1999

Poem "Walking By" published in The New Shetlander magazine - 1998

About Me

I am unsure what is important to know about me so I will begin with a list.

  • This list is circular

  • I work in drawing, painting, print and sculpture

  • I often work with textiles

  • I like texture and materiality

  • Narrative is important to me

  • I like contrasts

  • I am a mature student

  • I am studying for a Fine Art degree at the Shetland College

  • I am from a small island 

  • Whalsay, in Shetland, has roughly 1000 inhabitants

  • I live with my husband and our four children

  • I am a mother

  • I sketch almost every day

  • I like art to be instinctive and organic

  • Paula Rego said, “sketches always have more vitality than paintings because you're finding things out through doing them.”

  • In the Reconsider Wool Exhibition of my concrete sculptures, one visitor's comment was, “I love it.  For me, it captures a sadness and beauty - maybe of loss.”

More Rego and O'Keeffe Quotes


"If you put frightening things into a picture, then they can't harm you. In fact, you end becoming quite fond of them." - Paula Rego


"Art is the only place you can do what you like. That's freedom." - Paula Rego


"I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free." - Georgia O'Keeffe


"Nothing is less real than realism. Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things." - Georgia O'Keeffe


“…I guess he wasn't a painter at all. He had no courage and I believe that to create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage." - Georgia O'Keeffe

"Objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense. A hill or tree cannot make a good painting just because it is a hill or tree.  It is lines and colours put together so that they may say something." - Georgia O'Keeffe


For concrete sculpture care instructions click here 

For info on 'Da Lairds Witch' see my blog -  click here​ and scroll down

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I hope you have enjoyed my online galleries, for some ramblings and more of my creative practice, please follow me @susanpearsonart on Instagram or Facebook.

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